Alkemista Infusion House Bitters No. 1


Alkemista Infusion Blends make it even easier to create you own spirits infusions. We’ve taken some of our most popular blends of spices and botanicals and pre-packaged them into elegant 4oz infusion tins. Designed to work with the Alkemista Infusion Vessel, each blend will infuse 750ml of alcohol. Simply add one blend to Alkemista’s infusion filter and infuse for the recommended time.

House Bitters No. 1 Tasting Notes

Bitters are most commonly associated with the most popular brand in the category, Angostura, which is named after the Venezuelan city where they were first created. Our House Bitters No. 1 imparts a rich, vibrant flavor to any cocktail and is our go-to bitter for our favorite classic – the Manhattan.


Orange peel, cassia, cardamom, cherry bark, coriander seeds, gentian root, star anise, mace, allspice, clove.


  1. Place infusion in Alkemista filter. Tap filter on clean surface to release fine particles, then insert into Alkemista vessel
  2. Add 750ml of high-proof whiskey
  3. Infuse for 30 days
  4. After infusing, add 2 tbl maple syrup and stir

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