Recycled Rover

by Roost
SKU P310

Exclusively by EarthieModern!

Introducing Recycled Rover, the eco-friendly pooch who's always up for a cuddle, but never needs a walk, bath, or obedience training. This charming canine companion is handcrafted from recycled newspaper, giving a second life to discarded materials while adding a touch of whimsy to your home.

Here's why Recycled Rover is the perfect pup for you:

    • He's good for the planet: Made from 100% recycled newspaper, Recycled Rover is a sustainable alternative to traditional pet ownership. You can feel good about reducing your environmental impact while enjoying the company of a loyal furry friend.
    • He's low-maintenance: No need to worry about feeding, walking, or cleaning up after Recycled Rover. He's happy to simply sit and bask in your admiration.
    • He's unique: Each Recycled Rover is one-of-a-kind, with its own quirky personality and handcrafted charm.
    • He makes a great conversation starter: Your guests will be sure to do a double-take when they see this unusual pup adorning your living room.

More than just a quirky home decor piece, Recycled Rover is a symbol of our commitment to sustainability and creativity. He's a reminder that we can always find new ways to give old things new life.

So why wait? Bring home your own Recycled Rover today and experience the joy of pet ownership without the pawprints.

  • Dimensions: 17"h x 8.5"w x 11"l

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pete Seibert
Recycled Rover

We placed this order right after Covid struck. Due to issues which we all know about he got hung up overseas for about a year and a half. My wife and I figured we would never see him but EarthieModern contacted us couple weeks ago to see if we still wanted him. We did and EarthieModern still honored the original price! He looks great and we appreciate the sensational job you did!! Thanks again

Hi Pete-thanks for hanging in there!
It's been a long haul-but well worth it!

Donna Fernandes
Never showed up

I ordered it in 2018 and was told it was on back order. Now I received notice that it was delivered but it hasn’t shown up. Please provide tracking number or is your company basically a scam.

Deirdre Hunter
I did not receive Rover

I would love to receive this item but if you mailed it, it was not delivered. Do you have a tracking number?

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